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Type de Document: Exposé
Matiere: Anglais
Section: Université
Niveau: Bac+3
Filiere: Marketing
Date de Certification: 30-03-2021
Nombre de Pages: 47
Type Fichier: .ppt (Presentation PowerPoint)
Taille Fichier: 40Kb

Exposé en anglais sur Team Communication

Ajouté le 02-03-2021 par boumediene adjed

In a team you are ALL working towards a same goal.
You need to define and ensure that the goal is shared by all the members.
If there are questions/issues about the goal those need to be resolved quickly in order for the team to move forward.

Why it is important & necessary
Creating Team Communication
Characteristics of Open Communication
Guidelines to Team Communication
Responsibilities of Team Members
Getting Your Message Across
Other issues


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